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Returning your vehicle

At the end of the contract your vehicle must be returned to the leasing company and inspected to ensure that the car is in a satisfactory condition.

When assessing a vehicle it will be considered whether any damage to the vehicle is fair wear and tear, normal every day usage that has caused deterioration to the vehicle or damage that has been caused by neglect, negligent acts, harsh treatment or inappropriate use of the vehicle. 

Penalties and Charges

End of lease charges reflects the loss of value in the vehicle to the company from which it was leased from, in other words the vehicle being returned in a poor condition or a decrease in value that has been a result of failure to look after, or maintain the vehicle correctly.

Many leasing companies will also charge for returned vehicles to be cleaned if not in a satisfactory re-saleable condition.

With the numbers of cars available to lease for both personal and business and the strict terms that are attached to leasing a vehicle it is understandable that the majority of businesses and citizens alike will receive a bill for end of lease charges which can rocket to £200 a unwelcome bill that many of our customers have been faced with during a pre-return inspection.A full service starts from just £65.00 ensuring that your vehicle will be in a thoroughly clean condition upon its return saving you up to £135.00.We can also offer advice on any other repairs that may need addressing before its return and point you in the right direction, so before your lease is up give us a call.

Before returning your vehicle

Carry out an inspection of the vehicle at least 12 weeks before the return of your vehicle to the leasing company this will allow you time to carry out any repairs that may be needed.

Have your car valeted if required as instructed in the BVRLA lease return guidelines.

Inspect the vehicle objectively & honestly would you be happy to accept this vehicle in its current condition, is it suitable to be re-sold in its current condition?.

Inspect the vehicle for significant damage that possibly will not be considered as fair wear and tear

Ensure that controls, instruments are fully functional and are working correctly

Check your car's interior, stains, tears, odours & stains will all be noted when inspecting your vehicle

Have your car valeted as instructed in the BVRLA lease return guidelines.

Things to look out for that may not be classed as fair wear and tear

Significant dents or deep scratching to the paintwork

Cracks to any lights, lenses or windows

Wheels or wheel trims with heavy damage or deterioration 

Make sure that the vehicle is a clean condition and there are no rips, burns stains or odours in the car's upholstery or any other damage to the car's interior such as cracks.

Did you know that?

You can request a copy of the BVRLA industry standard through your leasing company. Alternately, you can order a copy from the BVRLA website.