Mobile Valet

 Providing a Convenient affordable
Mobile Car Valeting Service
in Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire & Bristol

For the perfectionist, taking two of our valeters up to a day to complete, no area inside or outside is left untouched, even the trickier, hard to reach places are extensively cleaned to the highest standard.

We aim to restore your car to a pristinely clean condition, making future cleaning easier and more manageable. 

What You Get


Pre soak vehicle with a high quality citrus degreasing fluid
Spray lower seals, door shuts, wheel & arches with TFR
Pressure wash to rinse
Clay bar
Dry all exterior glass and bodywork
Machine polish to remove any light scratches
Dress tyres, exterior plastic & rubber
Apply long lasting alloy wheel sealant
Clean windows and apply rain repellent
Polish metal/chrome
Hand polish with Meguiar's endurance wax
Apply AutoGlym high definition wax


Fog interior this will destroy any odours & 99% of bacteria 
Remove litter
Brush out air vents
Empty & clean ashtrays, door pockets & glove department
Dress all interior surfaces
Vacuum & shampoo carpets & upholstery
Remove & clean spare wheel
Stain guard fabric upholstery
Or clean & condition leather 
Clean roof lining
Clean & polish windows
Apply car freshener

What We Do

First, we start by removing any remaining possessions from your car and safely storing them until the valet has been completed.
We then deodorise the interior with an odour fogger this will release a dry scented fog that will eliminate odours and kill 99% of bacteria, this will take two hours maximum to complete and then will require a further hour to ventilate the vehicle.
Whilst the interior is out of bounds move on to the outside, pre soaking the vehicle with a high quality citrus degreasing fluid and spraying seals,door shuts, wheels and arches with traffic film remover (non caustic) to loosen and remove any dirt and debris before hand washing the vehicle and rinsing with high pressure.The next step is the clay bar, this will remove any surface containments including tree sap, spray dust, tar & bugs and will restore a smooth finish to your vehicles paintwork.Once the vehicle is completely dry we remove any light scuffs and scratches and apply high quality polish adding a layer of AutoGlym High Definition Wax, this gives a super quality finish with high durability and offers long lasting protection against salt and other containments.Now we move on to the metal/chrome where we apply Meguiar's metal polish, for high shine and added protection and dress all exterior plastic, rubber and tyres before polishing the windows and applying a rain repelling product which will improve wet weather visibility by creating a invisible coating that repels rain, sleet and snow.The coating also makes for easy removal of ice, salt, mud and squashed bugs.Finally we clean and protect the wheels with a long lasting but non permanent sealant that will prevent tar, brake dust and other containments from sticking to the wheels, this will also future cleaning easier.

Back to the inside, we remove any litter, empty and clean ashtrays, door pockets and glove box before removing any surface stains or sticky residue.Ensuring all surfaces are stain free we then clean them with AutoGlym vinyl and rubber care this improves appearance and seals against moisture and dirt.Now we move on to the carpets and upholstery, we vacuum the entire interior first and then deep clean all carpets, upholstery and roof lining to remove embedded dirt and grime, this will improve your upholstery's appearance and prevent the return of unwanted odours.Leather interiors will be cleaned and conditioned with AutoGlym leather care balm which protects, moisturises and nourishes, preserving the appearance and preventing the leather from cracking.
Whilst the interior is drying we polish the windows and carry out a detailed inspection of the vehicle to ensure no areas have been missed and all standards have been reached. We will also check your tyre pressures and windscreen wash level and adjust if necessary.Finally, we return to the interior, which should now be dry to apply stain guard to all fabric upholstery, this will help spills from becoming stains and cleaning in the future easier. Then we move your possessions back into your car, apply a car freshener, paper mats and plastic seat covers.


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