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The fogger is the simplest & most effective way to remove unwanted odour & reduce bacteria in your home or car. It delivers superior results, in small, hard to clean areas, as well as open spaces, far surpassing ordinary aerosols & cleaning detergents. It eliminates odours entirely and kills germs & bacteria. Odours like Cigarette smoke, pet, damp, vomit & other horrible odours don't stand a chance!

The fogger is suitable for use in the house or car and is effective in as little as thirty minutes.

How It Works

An innovative form of deodorising & sanitising that works by filling the area with a scented dry fog that destroys odours and bacteria leaving you with a cleaner, fresher & safer environment. The fog deodoriser eliminates bacteria including, MRSA, E-coli, & Salmonella.

It can be used in all household spaces as well as in the car and is safe for all surfaces.

Services & Prices

This total release odour eliminator & sanitiser is a two in one product containing deodoriser & a powerful bactericide. It is not like an ordinary aerosol that will mask the odour, but a true oxidizing agent used to combat odours including cigarette smoke, damp, pet, sour milk, vomit & other annoying odours.

This one 5oz fooger will totally remove odours & bacteria from your vehicle.

It is safe on all surfaces can be effective in as little as thirty minutes depending on the odour.

Available in Berry, Bubblegum, Fresh Linen, New Car, Mountain Air, Citrus & Tropical Mist

Odour Elimination + Full interior clean

Remove all litter & empty & clean ashtrays

Clean & dress all interior surfaces including glove & door pockets 
Shampoo & vacuum carpets, seats & mats 
Or clean & condition leather
Clean roof lining
Clean & polish inside of windows
Car freshener supplied
Full odour elimination in scent of your choice

Small £60.00   Medium £65.00   Large £70.00
Extra Large & People Carrier £75.00